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Here at this page you will find top French online casinos that are accepting players from your beautiful country.

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France is the most beautiful country of Scandinavian nation and that why it attracts millions of tourists every year to cities like Paris. Thousands of people come here to gamble because France is a destination of many brick and mortar casinos. There are hundreds of land-based casinos available in this beautiful European country.

Gambling is completely legal in this country and hence players from all across the world come to this great country to enjoy their casino games at different land-based casinos.

Just like brick and mortal casinos/gambling, online gambling is also legal in France. Hundreds of international online casinos and French online casinos are operating in the territory of France are attracting thousands of casino lovers from across the country.

You, as a native of France will find hundreds of casinos games at these top 10 online casinos France like video slots, video poker, Texas Hold’em, Blackjack, Baccarat, Keno, Roulette (American as well as European Roulette), craps, scratch cards as well as sports betting.

It is very easy to play online casino games in France because it’s completely legal in the country. In a single line one can say that France is a gambling-friendly nation. Despite being a friendly online casino market, almost half of the casino sites that were operating in the country left the market because of the higher tax rates.

These high tax rates affected casino players, poker professionals and sports betters too, but the good news is that, online gamblers of France still have many decent options to place a bet. If you like to play at licensed online casino sites then you can pick a site from the list that we have reviewed for you.

How online gambling is regulated in France

One of the biggest changes regarding online gambling took place in France back in 2010 and it was because European Union pressure on France about their policies on online gambling then the French government passed a gambling bill known as (Law number 2010-476).

In the same year, the French government created an authority to look after all online gambling and gambling related queries in the country and it is known as Regulatory Authority for Online Games (ARJEL).

It was a very important chance for the online gambling thing in the country. It not just affected iGaming companies but it also affected online gamblers. At that time over 30+ companies applied for the license to operate online gambling portal, online poker, sports betting and horse racing website in the country and they started attracting players.

As mentioned, France has always been a great country and it almost started gambling in many forms. One of the most popular and most played casino games on the earth is Roulette and this particular game was born in France. The country is the house of world best land-based casinos.

French players can play at best online casinos in France without going to any other place. It becomes very easy for a Frenchman to play online casino games in France nowadays.

Under new rules and regulations, French people can check out casinos en ligne français without any problems.

One of the main problems that a French player can face while gambling online in France is ‘how to select a quality casino site in the country’?

This could be a tough question for anyone looking to play online casino in France because of the availability of hundreds of different online casino sites and that’s why we i.e. are here. We are here to provide you best online casino France or meilleurs casinos en ligne france.

We have done a great research on every site that we have listed here at our casino review site. Being a top online casino review site, it is our duty and responsibility to offer you only the best casino sites so that you can enjoy the game of luck and game of skills without checking any other site.

We have researched about the license, bonuses, offers, customer support, security, payment options, game selection process and many other factors before listing casino en ligne france.

License: –

You can play at any site listed here at this page because each and every site is licensed and it is legal to play on these online casinos.

Welcome Bonuses and offers:- Every online casino that is being listed here offers great welcome and reload bonuses to their players. You don’t have to worry about that because you will get best of the industry’s bonuses at these sites.

Customer Support:-

Another important thing we checked before listing french online casinos here at our portal is ‘weather they support French customers in their native language like in French or not’? And you will be happy to know that you will get prompt support from these online casinos of France in your own language.


If you are about to begin your casino gambling at online casino france then you should be worry about currency their accept. We would like to tell you that you can use currencies like Euro and dollars at these casino sites.

Game selection:-

Find out hundreds of different kinds of casino games at top 10 online casinos France. Games like slots, poker, Roulette, Baccarat, sports betting, and keno are offered at these listed casinos.


Every casino listed here is safe and secure because they are licensed to operate in your beautiful country. They are authorized sites and they use SSL encryption certificates to protect all your personal as well financial data. Play at safe online casinos France.

Banking Option

You can use HiPay, skrill, Neteller, PayPal, Credit cards, Debit cards; Ecopayz, bank wire transfer, e-wallets and many other baking methods to make a deposit of any amount or to withdraw funds from best french casinos online. Best deposit methods for a French player is in Euro and bank wire transfer.

One of the main companies of France that deals in gambling and in sports betting is Pari-mutuel Urbain (PMU). You can found PMU outlets here and there in the country and they are accessible to ever Frenchman.

Games like French Roulette and online poker are a big hit among French casino players. The only thing about French gambling is that it levies tax on gambling online as well as on land-based casinos.

The poker pot is taxed to 2%, while on the whole a French player pays almost 7.5% as tax, compared to industry average 4-5%. In the meantime, tax for sports betting is 8.5% for French players.

French players love to play online slots, online poker, table games like French Roulette, Blackjack, Sports betting and live casinos to best online casinos france.

You will find out best online casino france here at this page of Please take a look at these above listed casino websites if you ever trying to play real money casino games in France.

Frequently asked Questions:-

Though, everything is clear regarding online gambling in France but still many people ask us about gambling regulations in the country. So here are some of the main FAQs:-

Is online gambling legal in France?

And ‘yes’ is the answer. It is completely legal to play online casino games in France. French people can play whatever casino games they want at internet online casinos.

What is the age of online gambling in France:-

Total population of the country is about 70 million and most of the people enjoy online casinos in the country but you can only play casino games at internet in France if you are over 18 years of age or else you are not able to play casino games.

Some of the most Popular Casino games?

Some of the most popular casino games in France are Poker, Horse racing, sportsbetting, Roulette, Video slots, 3d slots, Video Poker and so on.