Atlantic City casino Grown by 8 Percent in Total Revenue

By | May 13, 2016

Atlantic City CasinoThe report says that Atlantic City casino is growing by 8.1 percent in April 2016, compared to its last season i.e. April 2015. The report says that the casino revenue increased by 8.1% or $215 Million in April 2016.

Matt Levinson, The chairman of New Jersey Casino control commission mentioned that the result is a clear indication that the casino is doing well these days, besides their fall in last four seasons. The revenue increase is possible just because of casinos attracting new customers every month to their rooms. It s very heartening, Mr. Levinson added.

Atlantic City casino was in financial crisis and looking to get some aid from top players around the world, but the result and an increase of business b 8.15 will give them a fair chance to do things in a better way. They will now be able to survive against their opponents in the marketplace.

This improve in revenue will certainly add values to Atlantic City Casino, but things will be on a clearer side only if the people of New Jersey take a good note on this, in upcoming November elections. There are very less casino survivors in the United States and especially in the New Jersey region because of some tough laws imposed by the gambling commission and authority.


Top Casino Places like Trump Plaza, The Atlantic club and the showboat were out of marker since 2014 and that is why there were very less or no competition for the rest of the casino places including Atlantic Casino and eight others.

Now we will have to look and wait for few months to decide whether these casino places are doing well in next couple of month or not, especially after voting in the United States, scheduled in November 2016.

Other Casino resorts did well in last year was Golden Nugget 13.3%, Bally’s for 12.2%, caesuras for 9.7 to $24.7 Million and Tropicana to 9.5%, as compared to their last year revenue.