Construction started at Wynn Casino in Everett after Hurdle Clears

By | August 5, 2016

Construction started at Wynn Casino in Everett after Hurdle Clears

After many years of public debate, unexpected delays due to River Front, construction at Wynn Casino and resort is finally started in Everett .The budget for this casino resort is around $2 billion.

The $2 billion Wynn Boston Harbor Casino Resort will be built in around 30 acres and there are at least 500 workers currently working on the site, according to the casino.

Robert DeSalvio, The president of the Wynn Casino Resort said that “we are very happy today and there is no stopping us now” .It feels so great to be here on a working day without any pressure or hurdle, he added.

As mentioned, the casino will be built in 30 acres of land, which will include retail market, restaurant, and of course a harbor walks to the river. The managers of the casino say that this is the biggest construction in the state till date.


The casino receives its final working permit when the Mayor of Everett Mr. Carlo DeMaria and Wynn Casino president Mr. Robert DeSalvio held a meeting on Wednesday and now when everything (all hurdles) are cleared, DeSalvio is looking to complete the construction as soon as possible.

According to DeSalvio, the day is simply great for us.

The chief design and development for Wynn casino Mr. Chris Gordon said that the casino is expected to be working/launched in June 2018, earlier it was expected to be working from 2018.

As now the construction takes place at the Wynn, developers expect to hire at least 4,000 casino employees and another 4,000 construction workers, once the casino gets opens.

The construction was delayed because of Somerville’s objection regarding the waterfront of the casino. It filed a suit against the casino, but the appeal was cancelled.

Now everything is cleared Massachusetts will get an exclusive five star casino and resort, Wynn Said.