Join RizK Race to win up to twice as much

By | July 19, 2017

Join RizK Race to win up to twice as muchWith the success of the increased Rizk Races, the Casino had decided to run a few more.

These races offer the players the opportunity to win up to twice as much, compared to other main race events.

This week we will run 2 super charged days:

Turbo Thursday and Full Speed Friday.

The races will take place on Thursday, the 20th, and Friday, the 21st, at both 7 PM CET/CEST and 9 PM CET/CEST.

1st prize, in each race, will be twice as big and give the winners a whopping

€/$/£2000 (20 000 NOK/SEK)

 Important rules update

Also worth mentioning, the casino has updated the rules a bit on all the races.

The way we were calculating points were not optimal, so we have made adjustments which will make it even fairer for all players.

Please check the revised, underlined, rules below!

Join the Race, join the fun!

The new Rizk Race is both a great retention and acquisition​tool and this will mean bigger commissions for you for the players sent over.

Compared to the old week-long Rizk Races, we are now offering new Rizk Races every 30 minutes, and twice a day we have our main races with higher prizes to be won.

 The Rizk Race mechanic is very simple:

Players can find and join a race by visiting the Rizk Race page on the left sidebar on Rizk Casino website.

– They will get a pre-defined time limit and a set amount of spins to complete.

– At the end of the allocated time and spin limit, the player that has accrued the most points wins the race.

– All prizes at the end of each race are wagering free.

– Main races will be run on specific games, other races can be played in any game, except Table games, Live Casino games, 3 reel slots or Video poker.

 How Rizk Race points are calculated:

Every win = 10 points

3 wins in a row = 30 points

3 losses in a row = 40 points

Big wins (minimum 10x the original bet) = 300 points

All players have equal chance of winning prizes no matter the bet amount

The Rizk Race regular details:

Race All day events take place every 30 minutes.

Main Races take place at 19.00 CET/CEST and 21.00 CET/CEST, every day.

Players can win free money, free spins and Super spins in the Race All Day events, and up to €/$/£500 (5 000 NOK/SEK) – €/$/£1000 (10 000 NOK/SEK) in the main Races depending on race time.