Australian Crown Casino Employees Protested for better pay and benefits

By | August 12, 2016

Australian Crown Casino Employees Protested for better pay and benefitsThe season seems to be a tough one for Crown Casino, Melbourne Australia. The casino employees went on a strike for Friday and Saturday night, saying that they need better payment, new allowance and health benefits. Casino Workers, family members, staffs with union supporters met outside the Melbourne Convention Centre on Friday and chanted slogans, demanding better payment and good health services for their families.

According to the reports, Almost 150 to 200 people/protesters were there in the crowd, (including women, children, and other family members) when they were making their move towards the casino from Convention centre.

One of the ladies named Croupier Zoe Riddle, who was there with her 18 month son William, addressed the crowd.

She said that “we are not here for ourselves but for our families” and we are not asking anything, which is not possible. We know that it is highly considerable.

Addressing the crowd she said that “this is the beginning of the protest and the crown casino will have to finalize a deal on the table”. We know that we’re being backed by thousands of workers and their families. Welcome 100% up to 200 + 100 FS ENG ALL

She also said that we now have more public support than ever before and it is up to the crown casino management to take the matter seriously.

The workers of the crown Casino said that they want a better payout for their services at the casino. We had to work on Christmas and we don’t get any such celebrations with our families for years and what we get is unacceptable.

The workers want up to $3 per hour for their work in between 7pm Friday and 7am Saturday and between 7pm Saturday and 7am Sunday.

Meanwhile a credible source of the casino, who doesn’t want to disclose his name says that “Employees of the Crown receive better pay than others”, such as hotel and Hospitality services in the country.