Checking out any options of new casino sites

By | February 13, 2017

Checking out any options of new casino sitesMississippi Gaming Commission denied two more casinos in south Mississippi many years ago and the two casino companies were Biloxi and Diamondhead.

Now these two casinos will try their luck again in this week with three new members in gaming commission, and if these two casinos get permission to operate in Mississippi, it would be a game changing decision by the gaming commissioner.

Any change in gaming decision will overrule 25 years of casino gambling in the state. If the commission approve these two casinos or a single one that would be great and that means a lot of new jobs will be created in the region, but if no casino site is being approved then it could mean the loss of hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in the local economy.

The commission will start hear the process of approving these two casino places from 9 a.m. on Thursday at D’Iberville City Hall.

Confirming the news Allen Godfrey, the executive director the Mississippi gaming commission said that a vote wouldn’t be taken on Thursday, but hearing will take place on that day.

He said that the hearing will be all about the casino places and their developments. Public comments will be taken. It is not the time to hear things which is good for the state, but it is the time to hear the footprints of these two casinos.

Godfrey will recommend his views on these casino developments in the state and then a vote will take place in the March meeting.

You should remember that the gaming commission turned down the request of Biloxi to develop a $90 Million casino in the state back in 2008 and since then no progress has been made.

Representatives of these two casinos are ready to out their filed in front of Mississippi gaming commission. The hearing will take place on Thursday.