Choctaw Tribal Council will build a casino in Leake County

By | January 28, 2017

Choctaw Tribal Council will build a casino in Leake CountyThe Choctaw Tribal Council has decided that it will build a new casino in Leake County. The casino will feature 500 slot machines and 10 table games with dining facility.

The gaming facility of the casino would be in around 35,800 square foot. The resolution to develop a new casino in Leake County was passed by 9 to 7 in the 16 members of Choctaw Tribal Council.

The casino will start to develop in a few weeks and it is expected to be completed in early 2018.

According to some media reports the new Red Water Casino will create over 200 jobs for locals and will bring good amount of revenue once completed. Local economy will grow after this casino property.

Phyliss J. Anderson, the chief of tribal said that it is a very good decision taken by our members. It will create values for local economy as well as provide jobs to people over here. I am very happy about this decision.

This would be a great opportunity for County people. I am very thankful to our council members, he added.

It is true that any new casino property in the county will create more jobs and will brings most awaited casino revenue for the state, which can be used for different purposes like on education, jobs and for betterment of people.

Golden Moon casino, Pearl River resort is currently in operation in Leake County. Let’s hope after another casino project the region will dominate against opponents.