Golden Gate casino fined $250k for improper Documents

By | August 28, 2016

Golden Gate casino fined $250k for improper DocumentsThe Golden Gate casino announced that they will pay an amount of $250,000 as fine for inappropriate documents regarding customer payouts.

According to the news, the State gaming officials and two of the Vegas casinos such as Golden Gate and Casino D have finalized the deal about a complaint about $5,000 Payout for a paper trial.

The gaming authority of Nevada i.e. Nevada Gaming Control Board fined this sum of amount on those two casinos on Tuesday against a complaint, which says that the Golden gate casino and casino D (a sister casino of Golden Gate) never managed the record of payouts transaction since January 2015.

The agreement announced on Friday after nine months of discussions in between Derek Stevens, the owner of Golden gate casino and the authoritative of the state gaming board.

The control board accused that the Golden Casino of Vegas directed a $5,000 payout from customers without recording the transaction details in January 2015, meanwhile in the case of D Casino, the officials found that the casino was giving out a credit of $25,000 to a customer without checking his personal credit, which is not legal in the state.

The owner of the duo casino Mr. Derek J. Stevens said that it was a paper trail error and called them as honest mistakes.