Horseshoe Casino Changing Its Name to Jack Casinos

By | May 11, 2016

Horseshoe Casino Changed as Jack CasinoOne of the renowned casino brands of United States i.e. Horseshoe casino is changing its brand name to Jack Casinos. They will chance each and everything regarding the casino. The inside view, the name of the casino and the logo of the casino brand.

In an announcement made by Casino Officials, it is said that the Horseshoe casino will transform to jack casinos within months. It’s all about the transition of operations from Caesars Entertainment to Rock Gaming, The official said in an interview/press.

The current Horseshoe casino closed its door for players of the world and decided to reopen it after a couple of days. The chairman of the Horseshoe Casino said that “It’s a lot to do in 40 hours period”, and we will reopen the casino with new name as soon as possible. Welcome 100% up to 200 + 100 FS ENG ALL
The revamp is taking place in nature because the casino has not done pretty well in a last couple of years and the revenue to the casino has dropped significantly previously. The Ohio Casino control Commission reported that the gross casino revenue dropped from $242.6 Million in 2013 to $212.7 in 2015, whereas the first four months of the casino revenues is about $74.3 Million in 2016.

The drastic revenue cramp of the Horseshoe casino let their developers to think a lot. The official were targeting a hugh $600 Million Market cap for the Horseshoe casino but it was not possible. That is why the change of name exists in their mind.

It will boost the morale and will do better for their upcoming phase II Casino, going to be builds along with Huron Road. In 2013, the company decided to develop their Phase II casino in next seven years. The new jack casino will open on Wednesday at 4 P.M.We are looking forward to accelerate Ohio gaming market, The Rock Gaming authority added.