It’s look like a Solo Race for Developer to build First Cyprus Casino

By | September 13, 2016

its-look-like-a-solo-race-for-developer-to-build-first-cyprus-casinoThe bidding for the first Cyprus casino resort is on and it is expected to be a solo race for the bidder, according to an official of the Cyprus government the rest of the two (total three were interested) have taken their name off from the bidders list.

The report in the country said that the rest of the two casinos were interested in opening casino & resort in Cyprus but somehow, have not found a suitable land for their casino project and hence they are making this new move by withdrawing their names from the bidding process.

An official of the commerce ministry said that the government is not in mood to expand the final date of detailed plan for the casino operators and so these two left behind.

The three companies that are interested in casino business in Cyprus are Melco International, a development company based in Macau china, Hard Rock casino of Las Vegas and Phassouri, an agricultural company which deals in fruit at orchards from Cyprus. According to the reports, they have secured suitable land for their respective projects.

The other two bidders looking to operate a casino resort in the country were Bloomberry-Solaire, a company from Philippines and Naga of Cambodia, but they asked a three month extension, because they haven’t secured a perfect land for their projects.

The commerce Minister of the country Mr. Yiorgos Lakkotrypis did not replied or commented on these media reports but said that the parliament will look after it and we are looking forward to provide the license to the successful bidder before the year 2016.

Local media report says that Bloomberry-Solaire of Philippines is out of the race and is not interested anymore for further developments, because of the high prices of land, while Naga is still in business.

The Cyprus government has invited bids for a five star casino and resort in the country, which should feature 500 rooms, 100 gaming tables and 1,000 slot machines on board.