Mum from England Wins £15,599 in her first visit at casino

By | July 6, 2016

Mum from England Wins £15,599 in her first visit at casinoDebbie Maynard, a Mum from West Sussex, England wins a hugh jackpot of amount £15,599, in her first visit to a casino. She was lucky enough to win this perfect prize at her second chance of spin at the casino, while playing with slot machines.

This was just the second spin, which gives the lady a chance to be happy and turned to her home with a hugh amount of money. The lady was very happy and expressed her happiness saying that “It was amazing” I couldn’t quite believe that I have won the biggest prize in my life. This seems special to me, she added.

Debbie Maynard is a 52 year old lady and was not in rush to go to her home just because of the traffic and she turned to the casino, where she opted a slot machine to play the game. The moment she moves for the second spin at the casino based in Southampton area, she got amazed by the jackpot, which was £15,699.54.

After winning her first ever casino jackpot at any casino, she said that “the family were stuck in the traffic on the way out to Hampshire city, and so we just decided to visit the nearby casino. She also mentioned that it was just to kill some time at the casino and was not meant to any kind of gambling.

I put around £10 in a slot machine and thought nothing about that, I had never played to any such machines to any casinos and hence did not know what I was doing.

Debbie mentioned that how she got amazed by this big win at the casino. According to her, everyone in the casino was pleased for me and it was so touching that I can’t even tell you that how it feels to me. Casino staff paid me the whole amount without any problem and I came out.