Nevada on its way to Allow Regulated Online Casino Games soon

By | June 3, 2016

The Nevada Gaming Policy committee cNevada online gamingan authorize online casino games in the state soon.

The process is getting fast day by day because there was plenty of enthusiasm seen in the committee to legalize online casino in Nevada.

Till date, there is no online casino working in the state, rather a couple of online poker site including WSOP, which has an edge over others.

Almost 84 percent of New Jersey gaming revenue generated by casino games last year, including online poker and hence the committee is very much interested to legalize internet casino in the state. Nevada was the first U.S state to offer regulated online poker after April 2011.

The state generate most of its revenue from land based casino and from online poker websites and that is why the policy makers are looking forward to offer online casino games in the state.


 Michael Cohen, the vice president of Caesars Acquisition Company told the committee that the company is being benefited by hosting both land based casino/poker games and from online poker website.

He said that WSOP, the online poker website is doing great since its beginning in the state. He also mentioned that more than 60 percent of total revenue of his company s from World Series of poker (

 Cohen said that there are 250,000 new customers in the casino’s list and many of them never played casino, but they are back to the land based casino after playing at online poker website. It simply means that online casino or poker site brings new and routine customers to the land based casinos as well.

According to the report, most of the online casino players are young and they still want to visit land based casinos for more fun and enjoyment.