New Jersey can’t legalize sports Betting, US Court Says again

By | August 10, 2016

New Jersey can’t legalize sports Betting, US Court Says againAnother court of the United States maintained a couple of previous court’s decision regarding sports betting and clearly says that New Jersey can’t legalize sports betting. The case was in front of a federal appeals court on Thursday, when it gets down. New Jersey is in favor to legalize sports betting in the state but courts are not making this possible.

This was the third United States circuit Court, which denied the Appeal made by New Jersey. The court invalidated a law also, was passed by New Jersey government back in 2014, which would have allowed sports betting, at state’s casinos and other possible places.

The decision made by court states that New Jersey law regarding sports betting is a clear a prohibition of the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act.

And just because the 1992 law prohibits the state to amend or authorize any changes in their Sports betting mechanism, the new Bill passed by New Jersey government is violated the rule and hence is invalid, The court wrote.


New Jersey said in the court that as currently Nevada offers legal sports betting, and Delaware also offers many sports betting parlays in the state during PASPA and hence they should also given the chance to offer sports betting. Only Monmouth Park, a coastal area of the state offers legal sports betting/gambling.

Chris Christie, The Governor of the state New Jersey and his supporters are strongly in the favor to offer legal sports betting system to their people, just to help people who are currently struggling in casinos or in horse racing industries. An estimate says that currently hundreds of billions of dollars are being invested, using unethical means in and across the United States.

This is the 3rd time when this kind of Appeal is denied at the court. Now after this defeat, the state can Appeal against it in Supreme Court, but the Supreme Court has already declined to hear the case once before.