Playtech launches its first online casino for Czech Republic

By | March 5, 2017

Playtech launches its first online casino for Czech RepublicPlaytech becomes first online casino supplier for Czech Republic market with the help of Fortuna brand. Fartuna is one of rapidly growing online casinos in Europe market and especially among Czech Republic.

Fartuna was the first brand to get operational license on Feb. 24 by the Czech Ministry of Finance and then it declared that it will launch table games, video slots and progressive jackpots for players of the country.

The company finally launches its first online casino portal with the help of Playtech, the leading online casino provider in the world.

The company is aiming to gain popularity withi9n the country in upcoming months/year. Playtech was the first company which associated with Fortuna back in August 2016. According to the deal Playtech would provide its platform and wallet technology to Fortuna group.

Since the deal took place among these two companies, they were planning to launch its first portal for Czech players. The company has already launched its portal for Romanian market and is planning to broaden its network to countries like Slovakia and Poland. Players can play this slot with best online casino uk mentioned.

Playtech’s chief operating officer Mr. Shimon Akad said in a note to reporters that “we are glad to announce that we have launched our first online casino platform for czeck players”, we will continue to provide best of the games to not just people of czeck republic but for players of the world, he added.

Mr. Akad mentioned that “we pride over selves on being the leader in online gambling and today’s announcement highlights how confident we are”.

Meanwhile speaking to journalist Fortuna’s General Manager Mr. David Vanek said that “we are the first online casino company in Czech republic market”, we are fully supportive to people of the country. We will server whatever our customers demand would be, he said.

He also said that we are the first online gambling company, which follows every bit of licensing structure provided by country’s legislature.