Portugal’s first online casino is launched by Stanley Ho

By | July 27, 2016

Portugal’s first online casino is launched by Stanley HoPortuguese gaming operator named Estoril Sol SGPS SA and a Macau based gaming entrepreneur named Stanley Ho Hung Sun have launched their first legal online casino site in Portugal. The site will offer online casino games to Portuguese people and the license of the site is for three years. The site was established in association with Gaming1, an entity which deals in gaming business.

The majority of the Portuguese land based casinos are operated by Estoril Sol. The three land based casinos operated by Estoril Sol are Casino Estoril ( in the heart of Capital Lisbon), Casino Lisboa ( another casino is being operated in the capital of Portugal i.e Lisbon) and Casino da Póvoa, running in Porto, the second largest city of the country.

The gaming platform will known as EstorilSolCasinos.pt and it will offer 18 games to people of Portugal which includes online slots, Video slots, Blackjack and pokies. According to Gaming1, the presenter of the site, more and more contents will be added to the site from time to time.

Not to forget that sometimes ago the Portuguese government decided not to give all casino rights to a single firm or company and hence they made some amendments to country’s gaming licensing procedure.

According to the reports published in news and various media groups Estoril Sol, will include many people, who are currently associated with Macau based casino operator SJM Holdings as board directors.

Stanley Ho’s daughter named as Pansy Ho Chiu King is a board director of Estoril Sol, who also holds the firm’s executive committee. She is a co chairman of the Macau based land based casino operator named MGM China Holdings Ltd.

According to the news Estoril Sol and Stanley Ho’s decided to make this venture possible because there is not online casino gaming option available in Macau till date.