Taj Mahal Casino built by Donald Trump is closed now

By | October 12, 2016

the-taj-mahal-casino-built-by-donald-trump-is-closingDonald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate of the United States built Taj Mahal Casino in Las Vegas Atlantic City, which is no more working on the ground and it is closing now.

Trump once said that the casino is “the eighth wonder of the world”, but didn’t spoke anything about the closing of the casino on Monday.

You should know that Donald Trump took his Atlantic City casino through bankruptcy four times and after that Carl Icahn, the billionaire who took the charge of the property by buying this from main owners.

In an interview to the associated press, Trump said there is nothing to say about this, because the casino belongs to fellow billionaire Carl Icahn.

The Atlantic City casino is closed now for visitors, after amid a strike by union members that lasted more than 100 days. This would be the fifth casino of Vegas city, which is closed since 2014.


In that interview Trump said “both sides should have been made a common agenda to work on and to keep the casino open for players and visitors”.

Carl Icahn, the billionaire and a real estate investor who bought this casino property amid bankruptcy tried to restore the functionality, but nothing happened and then on August 3, 2016 he decided to close the casino, saying “path to profitability”.

And now according to Donald Trump, it is too late to reopen the casino because reopening is very expensive to afford.

Bob McDevitt, the Union’s president says that “there is a clear chance that Mr. Icahn will try to reopen the casino after this winter while conducting renovations and making some improvements to the casino, but I want to assure that the union will keep its work doing in favor of workers and it will resume its efforts, if McDevitt attempts to reopen the casino property without non union facility.