Two regulars of Vegas bring home top prizes from Elwha River Casino

By | October 10, 2016

Two regulars of Vegas bring home top prizes from Elwha River CasinoTwo regular visitors from Las Vegas secured top two places of final three at the Elwha River casino hosted TournEvent of Champions. The tournament took place on September 28.

The slot tournament attracted 143 players but, top three positions included two people from Vegas only; one is from Port Angeles named as Mike Baker, who took home $150,000, being second and another is a person, who did not wanted to disclose his name out. He pocketed an amount of $50,000, being third.

The staff was quite surprised by the result, knowing that the tournament received 143 entries from different parts of the United States.

Baker, one of the slot machine winners was also surprised by the result and said that “we are shocked”, because we were one of the smallest casinos in the tournament and it is a very pleasing moment for both of us.


Rena Barkley, the club manager of the Elwha River Casino said that our casino is the first to have two competitors place in top three.

When asked about how Mike Baker will spend the money? He said, I am going to spend my winnings to becoming a debt free man and on my kids.

He also said that although I was not lucky enough to win the first prize of prize pool $1 Million but still very thankful to get the second prize.

The tournament was to hit the slot machine’s button as fast as you can to receive as many points as possible in two minutes.

And Baker did it strategically. He earned $150,000 from the tournament and mentioned that how he hit the button as a fast pace so that he could gain some credit every time.

Baker stated that this tour has been a great one for me. It is one in a lifetime experience.