Terre Haute casino is likely to be passed by lawmakers

By | February 3, 2017

Terre Haute casino is likely to be passed by lawmakersA new casino in Terre Haute is likely to be passed by lawmakers of the state. According to the officials state lawmakers are in mood to approve a casino near the western border of the state.

The company who was looking to develop a casino in some other place is now searching for a better place Indianapolis which is just two hours north of Evansville’s casino.

Currently there are only two casinos like Evansville Mayor Winnecke and Tropicana Evansville are being operated in Southwestern Indiana and a new casino in the region will create concern for these two casinos.

John Chaszar, Tropicana’s general manager said to the reporters that a new casino in the same region will definitely affect our business.

We have made a lot of investment in our casino and in local community hence a third casino of the region will definitely hit casino’s revenue as well as city’s revenue, that will not be good for the economy, he added.

Currently, a total of 10 casino-gambling licenses have been allotted for business in the region. Some casino operators such as Rising Star Casino have got two gaming licenses and that is why owners of Rising Star Casino are looking for their second project in Terre Haute.

Back in year 2015, owners of Rising Star Casino i.e. Full House Resorts tried to open another casino in Indianapolis, but after some time they just dropped the idea because of some reasons.

Full House Resorts vice president Mr. Alex Stoylar confirmed the news that “there are no plans for a casino in Indianapolis”.

The population of Terre Haute is just 60,000, which is almost 14 times less that Indianapolis 9a bigger market for casino players), but despite lesser population the Rising Star casino is willing to try its luck in the region.

Stoyler believes that it would be a very tough project for us that Indianapolis, but we are going forward in the hope that we can attract many more players from Illinois.Make sure to check usa online casino reviews before playing online casinos.