Top Executives of James Packer’s Crown Casino arrested in China for illegal gambling for advertising

By | October 16, 2016

top-executives-of-james-packers-crown-casino-arrested-in-china-for-illegal-gambling-for-advertisingTop three executives of Australia’s James Packer’s Crown Casino were detained by Chinese police, while they were cracking down illegal gambling advertising in the country.

According to the media reports, 18 employees of the James Packer’s casino are being detained by the Chinese police out of which three are top executives of the casino.

Jason O’Connor is one of top three professionals, who is the executive general manager of Crown Resort’s and look upon international VIP services.

O’Connor was detained by the Chinese police, when he was trying to bring high roller customers to his Crown Casino in Melbourne. According to the news O’Connor was the in charge to bring high stakes players from around the world to the casino.

People inside the casino are worryingly looking at the situation. One insider of the casino says that I simply can’t believe that how dumb they (Crown casino) are and why to risk all these people.

The report says that most likely the three casino executives were arrested on Thursday, when they were on a mission to visit china on business, but it is not clear that why crown casino executives are being held and what charges on them are being fixed by the Chinese authority.

A Spokesman of the crown casino says that we cannot provide further details, about why a number of our employees are being held and are being questioned by local authorities in china. This time we can’t provide any details but we have a close eye on the problem and will update you once everything gets settled, he said.

Meanwhile most of the Australian media reports including the Sydney morning herald are making speculation of why this detention of crown casino employees took place.

One should know that it is illegal to promote or to advertise gambling in mainland china, but foreign companies involved in casino business do these tricks to attract high stakes or High Roller players from mainland.