Casino Operators in UK and their Director’s Views during the Future of Casinos

By | September 9, 2016

Casino Operators in UK and their Director’s Views during the Future of CasinosA seminar regarding future of casino in the United Kingdom held in London and attended by some of the industry’s top leaders. The Managing directors, the chief executive officers and board members of the UK casino participated to this seminar and they discussed the future of the casino in Great Britain. Some of their views (speeches) are as follows:-

Simon Thomas, the chief executive officer of the Hippodrome Casino said that the casino is located near Leicester Square in London and it is one of the busiest places in the county. He said that the 2005 Act had quite a mooted effect on casinos.

He mentioned that, our casino attracts 1,100-1,200 customers at its peak time, which simply is very large number of players for just 20 slot machines. He said, people come to play at slot machines and but they have to make a queue, they seem to be confused, sometimes they even ask that “are you a casino” or “why don’t we have more slot machines”, because they roam worldwide and have played to larger casino places. It becomes very awkward for me and for my team.

He states that the government needs to give the casino industry confidence, by updating the outdated legislation, so that casino operators like us can do better in real gaming. We don’t need outdated rules and regulations like Gaming Act 1968 but we need extra space so that we can have 3:1 machines to tables’ ratio in our industry. Welcome 100% up to 200 + 100 FS ENG ALL

He also mentioned that almost all European countries casino operators earn significantly more than casino in the United Kingdom.

Mark Jones, the Managing Director, Grosvenor Casinos said that we contribute a hugh tax amount i.e. £300m to the UK government but still unable to do more. We have to pay corporate tax, business tax, gaming tax, licensing tax, and employee insurance, but what do we get in return?

We have to change the Gaming Act 1968, because now is the time when people come and wanted to play at slots in our casinos, but as per that law we can only have 20 slot machines. This is simply not good.

Tourists and travelers come to the city, they want to enjoy and explore the night like Las Vegas, Barcelona or Macau but they don’t find a way, because of this decade’s year law. We have to change this, if we really care about the casino industry or if we are looking to get real and proper meaning of investment in this industry.

He also said that while the casino share is growing (it increases to 3.6 Million from 2010-15), we have to take care of the people and business as well. If anyone out there in the Great Britain looking to play casino at internet then UK online casinos can be a best place to check out each and every detail regarding casino in UK or related news.