French Casino retailer Looking to buy CNova Private

By | May 2, 2016

The leading French casino retailer and operator i.e. Guichard Perrachon SA is looking to take over the prestigious and Nasdaq Listed company i.e. CNova NV Private.In a media report the company’s sources said that it would buy the Minority shares of CNova and will spilt it in to three parts/locations.

The three locations will be Brazil, Colombia and France. The report says that the French casino will absorb the CNova French unit which is CDiscount, whereas the will be merged using Varejo SA (the casino appliance unit of the country).

Meanwhile CNova representative said that its merger to the Brazilian unit Varejo is in under reviewing process and it will take some time to find something really good. The company CNova being listed on Nasdaq in November 2014.


The Casino raised more than $4.5 billion this year only to reduce debts from its assets sales in Asia. CNova has a very good market value of amount $1.46 billion, out of which 45% of the total market cap of the casino is from Brazil only.

Casino Guichard Perrachon SA is a France based company deals in retail outlets in France and in other countries. The deal will definitely help the company to grow. The company runs chains of super market, discount stores, convenience store and cafeterias within France and outside.

The company currently owning its stores in countries like Brazil, Uruguay, Vietnam, Mauritius, Argentina and Columbia. The company is has largest retailer stores in Latin America, Brazil and Thailand as well.