Queen’s Gambler hits $43M jackpot but Casino officials says the machine was malfunctioned

By | November 2, 2016

Queen’s Gambler hits $43M jackpot but Casino officials says the machine was malfunctioned Katrina Bookman, a gambler from Queens thought that she just has hit a whopping $43 million Jackpot on a slot machine at the Resorts World Casino, but the officials of the casino said that the win was a technical glitch and tried to pay her off with a steak dinner.

After getting the message that she just has hit the jackpot of amount $42,949,642.76, she started thinking that what she would do with the money and she took a selfie as well.

The lady said ‘I couldn’t believe it’, I was so very happy and excited that I even can’t imagine, she said.

But instead of getting a big check from the officials of the casino, she got an invitation to eat a meal for free, the mother of four said.

She said that how casino officials told her that the slot machine to which she was playing was somehow malfunctioned and was not working properly and that means you would not get a single penny for this.

The casino which is run by New York State Gaming Commission said that the slot machine was malfunctioned due to some game and hence the machine was pulled from the casino floor and was fixed after the incident.

But answering to casino officials stance Bookman said that there was nothing wrong with the slot machine, when I was playing and it was working properly and in a great manner and I don’t know how do we know if there is a problem or not with the machine?

I mean if someone hit the jackpot or something like that the officials will say that the machine was not functioning, but how is it possible that a non functional machine keeps your hard owned money and never pays off, but once you hit a certain thing like a jackpot you would be told to not to believe it, because of some problems, she asked the casino officials.

According to some reports the spokesperson of the casino has apologized to Bookman for the inconvenience caused to her.

However Bookman said that she plans to sue the casino. Her lawyer is checking out the facts and then will do accordingly.