Rainbow casino of Cardiff will invest £3m to redevelopment process

By | August 25, 2016

Rainbow casino of Cardiff will invest £3m to redevelopment processThe Rainbow casino located in Cardiff will create thirty new jobs and is investing at least £3 Million for their redevelopment process. The opening ceremony of the newly created Cardiff casino is scheduled to be in October 2016.

The casino is located near Mary Ann Street in the area.

According to the reports by the Rainbow casino, this new project will be an awesome one, which feature double size of the casino including new slots machines, table games and outdoor smoking terrace for players. The casino will have a total different interior that previous one and will have top layout with great visibility access to all.

The new casino will also have electronic gaming machines for the players looking to play e table games or so. There will be a license bar (will operate till late night) and a new restaurant in the casino as well.

The general manager of this Cardiff based casino Mr. Richard Phillips said that “it is going to be one of the best casino in the area and will feature each and everything that a player is looking for”.

He also said that we are taking applications for our 30 new roles that we have created in our casino. The opening of the casino will be an incredible one and anyone coming to the casino on the first day will never forget the ambiance and the playing arena.

We always wanted to provide the best of the gaming facilities to our players and we are quite sure that people coming here will love the newly made casino in the city.

Cardiff has many casinos in the region but this is going to be the best among them, he added. United Kingdom’s or other Players can check out top uk casino websites for online casino gaming.