Tokyo doesn’t need a casino, says Macau billionaire Lawrence Ho

By | May 30, 2017

Tokyo doesn’t need a casino, says Macau billionaire Lawrence HoThe billionaire and owner of Melco Resorts & Entertainment Mr. Lawrence Ho said that Tokyo doesn’t need a casino but he would prefer to set up a casino in Osaka. According to him, there are more opportunities to develop casino in Osaka rather than in Tokyo.

Ho is one of the casino leaders, looking to invest heavily in Japan, but the Japanese government has not yet decided that place, where all the casinos will be build in the country.

In December last year Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his party legalizes casino gambling in the country. It opened the door for offshore casino gambling companies to invest in the country. There are many investors right now looking to enter in Japanese gambling market.

According to some details, Melco is looking to build its first casino resort in Osaka nearby Yokohama rather than Tokyo. Kansai region is the best option for the company.

In an interview at Melco’s City of Dreams resort in Macau, Ho said that Kansai region is all about fun and entertainment and we are a company that focuses on fun and entertainment.

Melco is among other gambling companies such as Las Vegas Sands and MGM Resorts International, which are looking to get a casino license in Japan.

Earlier this month, the vice president of global development for MGM Resrts Mr. Ed Bowers said that “MGM” business model is to build large-scale destination resorts for our customers and that cost lot of money”, so it needs to be in a high density population area.

Ho also said that “I am not so sure that Tokyo needs an integrated casino resort in the city”, because it is already one of the top destinations of the world. Suppose when someone asks you, “Do you think New York or London needs need an integrated casino resort’, No they don’t.

Ho said Osaka could be a better destination for casino lovers. It is a prime shopping destination for Chinese tourists.

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