Victoria’s Crystal Garden not looking for any remodeling for a casino site

By | September 25, 2016

victorias-crystal-garden-not-looking-for-any-remodeling-for-a-casino-siteVictoria’s officials say that Crystal Garden is not looking for any remodeling process for a potential casino place.

The deputy city manager Jocelyn Jenkyns said that B.C. Lottery Corporation has told that, it is not possible for them to remodel the crystal for a casino site or place and it would be very challenging.

Jenkyns stated, Crystal is not in the way to make this possible and I think they are not going to do this because of the parking issue, lots of wiring and plenty of related issues.

Meanwhile the officials of the Crystal says that “No decision have been taken yet” regarding the redevelopment process.

However Angela Law, the member of the Lottery Corporation media relations said that the location and the size of the proposed facility will be cleared only after finalizing the service provider.

Lisa Helps, the Mayor of the Victoria said that taking crystal out of the race of making a casino site would be good for local people, because the council has received a lot of e mail from local residents, who have opposed the idea to make this place a casino one.

Helps also said that we will look further to see some more sites that are on the table.

In July, the lottery corporation announced that Crystal has won the race to become the second casino place in the capitals region, but things are looking different in today’s scenario, when local residents along with Crystal officials are not in the mood to make this place a casino site.

In a press release this week the chief executive officer of Victoria Jim Lightbody said that the timeline for a new Victoria is coming together, and the corporation is looking to find a partner to run it.

Earlier corporation announced that View Royal casino will be doubled in the size and it will include 350 more slot machines and e games to their inventory.