Voters of New Jersey rejected Casino expansion Plan in North Jersey

By | November 9, 2016

Voters of New Jersey rejected Casino expansion Plan in North JerseyNew Jersey Voters have rejected the idea to expand Casinos in North Jersey and that means Atlantic City is at the driving seat and will have the monopoly on gaming.

Voters of North Jersey on Tuesday voted against any Casino expansion plan in the state. Associated Press projection said that “the ballot question regarding expansion of casino” in North Jersey is rejected by people by a margin of 1.5 million votes.

The referendum, which asked voters that weather they would like to support two new casinos outside 72 miles from north of Atlantic city or they don’t like the idea to make more casino places outside Atlantic city and most of the people said that they don’t like the idea behind this.

The referendum which generated $24 million in campaign spending by opponents is failing by 79% to 21%.


Paul Fireman, the billionaire and Jeff Gural, the real estate developer were the man was the behind the referendum, because they wanted to build casinos in Jersey City and the Meadowlands.

But people of the state overwhelmingly rejected the idea to build casino outside Atlantic City and hence the current chapter is closed now.

Many residents living either in Meadowlands or in Newton, New Jersey opposed the referendum because of their own problems and thoughts.

Some said that it would snarl traffic to the region and some said that it would be messy to build new casinos outside the city, despite their love to “gambling” they were in no mood to vote for an expansion plan.

Many New Jersey Lawmakers and businessmen opposed the ballot question by saying that “this move will not be good for already tumbling Atlantic City economy”.

Meanwhile supporters of the Ballot question were saying that new casinos will create new jobs and will bring more revenue to the state.