Elements Casino of Canada will host country’s first eSports Tournament

By | November 4, 2016

Elements Casino of Canada will host country’s first eSports TournamentCanadian Elements Casino will be the first casino to host inaugural eSports Street Fighter V tournament in Surrey, British Columbia on December 3, 2016.

According to the casino the event will officially launch Elements eSports Lounge, which will be the future of all esports gaming schedules.

eSports is known as electronic sports or even video games to which an individual can play his or her favorite game or a team or even professionals can check out top class games using e sports platforms.

That’s why the casino chose to use esports as a main or key factor to attract large number of foot fall to their casino.

Michael Kim, the General Manager of the Elements casino was very happy while making the announcement and said that we are absolutely thrilled to announce that “our casino would be the first casino in Canada to welcome esports kind of things”, and this will add another entertainment section to our current inventory and that would appeal to our guests as well.

According to some research, which taken over from different gaming companies of the world, there will be 145 million esports lovers in the world by the year 2017 and hence many big casinos are making sure to add esports section to their property.

Elements Casino has made a partnership with Spawn Point and they will host the upcoming fighter tournament of prize pool $1,500.

Not only esports or live casinos but online casinos are also very popular in Canada. Thousands of players from across the country love to spent some quality time to any legal online casino site which is operating in Canada.

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